Scorps Spotlight 36: Ava Teigen


Teigen, 12, with Family

The 2021 school year is coming to an end, and with that, an entire group of students are setting off for bigger things. To commemorate their upcoming journeys, The Stinger wants to highlight seniors and their experiences at Cam High.

Cam High Senior, Ava Teigen, has had a fulfilling four years of high school, despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19: “The end of junior year was extremely hard for me to deal with, and being isolated did not help the fact that I lost two family members in 2020,” Teigen said. “But, this year I have found an amazing support system in friends and family which has helped me a lot.”

Her high school experience was very rewarding. Teigen spent her non-study time doing extracurriculars. Teigen said, “I have played water polo all four years, and swim for three years. This helped me make a lot of friends and relationships that have been super valuable. Even when I was a freshman I remember really appreciating the experiences of the seniors back then, and use those experiences to help me now. I am also a member of FCCLA and Ms. Ida’s preschool program which has helped me find my passion for young children.”

Some of Teigen’s favorite memories from high school were “definitely the ones [she has] shared with the water polo team rocking out to Taylor Swift in the locker room.”

Teigen will miss the things that shaped her into the person she is today: “I have learned how to deal with both educational and social challenges, since high school is a place where you learn to become more independent in preparation for college,” she said. With that being said, she feels that her experience has taught her about the academic aspect of college, “but not the living side, since kids today are not taught how to be financially responsible and independent citizens.”

Her advice to future Cam High students is to “let the people you trust know when you need help! Struggling mentally only escalates the situation for yourself, so rely on those who are meant to help you whether that be parents, teachers, or friends. Also, don’t stress about the things that will inevitably happen, but face them head on with rational preparation.”

Teigen will miss the structure and security high school has brought her, but she is nevertheless ready for the exciting events her future will bring her as she continues her studies at CSUCI with the intent of becoming an elementary school teacher.