Are Dating Shows Stupid?


Dating shows such as The Bachelor, 90 Day Fiancé, Love Island, etc. are extremely popular in today’s society. They provide a sense of drama and dysfunction that we as normal people may not experience in our day to day lives. Audiences tend to live vicariously through those who are participating in these dating shows. But the real question is: Are these dating shows stupid? 

My answer is no, dating shows are not stupid. Although some shows may be scripted and utterly dysfunctional, they provides spectators with a light-hearted respite from today’s corrupt society. Some people use dating shows or reality television shows in general as an escape from their worries in life. 

Megan Prevost from states that “We watch because we want to know what’s going to happen. Even if Reality Steve always spoils it, the drama and relationships are interesting enough to make it worth it.” Most general shows on television do not provide the dramatic, yet realistic aspect that dating shows do. These types of shows allow for those who watch to pick sides, get emotionally connected, and feel a sense of community. 

Isabella Zavala, a senior at Cam High, explained that “[her] mom and her friends get together every time The Bachelor airs and [they] have a watch party.” This is a perfect example of dating and reality shows creating a sense of community for those who are truly invested. 

Dating shows seem to be taking over modern day television. states that “Americans spend 1/3 of their free time watching television and of that 67% are dating and/or reality shows.” This statistic shows how prominent dating shows are in most people’s everyday lives. They are used as a sense of entertainment for those who tune in. 

I believe that dating and reality shows are the wave of the future. Once you tune into an episode, it is difficult to not binge watch the whole series and watch ones that are similar to it. Although they may take some getting used to for some individuals, I believe that in the generations to come, dating and reality shows are going to dominate mainstream television.