Senior Activities Deliver Some Sense of Normalcy


photo courtesy of achsseniors2021 on instagram

At Cam High, almost all notable senior events were still on for the Class of 2021. Events such as the Senior Formal, Grad Bash, Graduation, and many more were–or are currently– in the works. 

Lori Pristera, an English teacher and the ASB director at Cam High, holds “Coffee Chats” along with the principal, Matthew La Belle, to inform not only the soon to be graduates, but their families of senior event updates. These chats are usually held in the morning, and offer plenty of information for Cam High families, as well as allow for those who are listening to ask questions. 

Isabella Zavala, a senior at Cam High, explained that “[her] parents tune into the Coffee Chats and find it very informative. It is how we learned of the updates of senior events.” Zavala went on to explain how she was “excited to have the opportunity to have a prom, grad night, and graduation.”

On May 22nd from 7-10:30pm, Cam High held their own “Ever After” themed formal on campus. The night included dinner, an illusionist, photo opportunities, and so much more. The event was held on campus, in the cabana section.

Not long after the Senior Formal, Universal Studios Hollywood held–and is still holding–a Grad Bash event from 3-9pm on May 13th, 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th, and June 10th. Each ticket is $75, and is still available for all seniors and their friends or family! The tickets include entry into the park, a free meal from the provided list by the organization, exclusive after-hour park access, photo opportunities, and Grad Bash 2021 merchandise.

Both La Belle and Lori Pristera have announced that Cam High will be having a full blown, traditional graduation. Seniors will have the opportunity to experience the ceremony in a traditional fashion by walking across the stage. The only limitations to the event are that each senior is only permitted to bring a maximum of four guests, and no pictures are allowed to be taken on the field after the graduation ceremony. La Belle explained, during a recent Coffee Chat, that this is because of the current COVID-19 restrictions based within our district. However, pictures are allowed to be taken throughout campus.

This comes as great news for the families of Cam High seniors. For countless months, the staff at Cam High has been working hard to allow for the seniors to experience some sense of normalcy in their last year of high school.