California: Worthwhile Or Overrated?


Mark Minkle

Driving up to Deer Creek Road off of PCH and Malibu beach.

There are many ups and downs when it comes to living in California. A lot of people from different states think California would be a dream to live in, and while they are not completely wrong, financially, it is not a dream. California has some of the highest prices in the nation.

One reason why many people want to move to California is because of the weather–the weather in California is considered to be perfect. Comparing to other states, California is nice and sunny a lot of the time–what many people would deem as favorable weather. In Alaska, temperatures are always ranging from 22 degrees fahrenheit to 43 degrees fahrenheit, and it snows a lot. In Arizona, temperatures vary from 70 degrees fahrenheit to 107 degrees fahrenheit, and it is mostly desert. California has temperatures right in the middle, ranging from 68 degrees fahrenheit to 80 degrees fahrenheit–consequently, California’s weather is considered to be perfect, and that is why most people choose to come here.

Sofia Minkel, junior at Cam High, said, “I like California because of the location and weather, I love going to the beaches and enjoy the fact that it is always sunny.”

The location of California is another big reason people love living there. California is located on the West Coast of the United States, populating the state with many beautiful beaches. Many of these beaches in California are nationally recognized, including the famous beaches of Malibu, known for the high amount of celebrities that reside by the water.

Kathy Tran, freshman at Cam High, said, “I think people are moving here because of the location since California is very populated and many people that already live here are from other states and places.”

Despite the weather and geographical features often appealing to those considering moving to California, there are still downsides to living in the Golden State. One major one being the financial aspects of living in California. Many celebrities living in California, which, as previously established, is because of the state’s beauty, and because they can afford it. California is the second most expensive state in the United States–everything in California is much more expensive than in other states. An average home price in Los Angeles, which is one of the most popular cities, in California is 816,438 USD, and an average home in the state of Arizona costs 249,300 USD. Most people would chose California over Arizona, but only some people can actually afford making that decision.

In addition to the cost of housing, in California, gas is significantly higher than other states–and it keeps raising. According to NBC Los Angeles, “The average price has risen 85.2 cents since the start of the year, mainly because of a run of 59 increases in 60 days totaling 57.9 cents that ended March 21.”

Moving to California can pose to be extremely expensive, so it depends on what you think is worth it: are the beaches and perfect weather worth it to live in the country’s Golden State?