Scorps Spotlight 37: Jacob Speth


Jacob Speth, a graduating senior at Cam High, is ready for the next chapter in his life. He shared a portion of his experiences as a student at Cam High who had an active music career throughout high school.

Speth was heavily involved with Cam High’s music program and has been musically inclined just about his whole life. He began his musical interests in the third grade by playing the piano. He later switched to drums in the sixth grade. Entering high school, he played drums in the school’s jazz band and percussion in the wind ensemble.

When asked about his involvement in Cam High music department, Speth said, “My experience with [Cam High’s music program] has been the best part of high school for me.” He further explained how Cam High music allowed him to meet new people throughout the past four years. “I’ve met so many great people from the program and it’s been a real fun time to make music with them.”

Each year with the school’s music program brought around growth and change, according to Speth. “One of the best aspects of the program is how it is constantly growing and developing. Each year, the bands continued to improve and were able to play at new festivals and performance venues. There was always something new to look forward to, which made every year very exciting. I can’t wait to see where the music program goes in a few years!”

Just like most Cam High students, Speth experienced numerous memorable moments throughout his high school career. Speth provided some input on his favorite scorpion memories. “It’s hard to say my favorite memory from these last 4 years of music, but our trip to Sonoma State University to perform in 2019 is definitely one of my favorite things we did. In terms of music, our wind band performed a set of 3 or so pieces in the beautiful concert hall there and afterwards we attended a clinic.”

Alongside partaking in the school band, Jacob excels in his personal band named “Soul Buffet.” Speth provided some details about the uprising of the band, as well as the other members. “My band, Soul Buffet, started back in 2019 when my friend Isaac Camarillo and I were jamming in the band room. After having some fire jams, we knew it’d be even better if we had the legendary Lucas Chomiller join us to play sax and Dustin Reese to play bass.”

Speth discussed the success of Soul Buffet, as well as some of their best moments. “We proceeded to rock out at Camchella where we then got a record deal and soon sold out the staples center,” Speth said. “Before we could perform, however, we decided that it wasn’t about the money so we instead performed an hour set at Mr. Softee’s in November 2020 with Gavin Hiller taking over the bass. Fun times!”

Next year, Jacob will be attending the University of North Texas as a Jazz Performance Major. Speth credited Cam High’s music department for his success. “The music program at [Cam High] has really helped me in getting there!”