Cam High Carries On COVID-19-Friendly Senior Activities


Michelle Montoya

Sign and Cap and Gown pick up was all throughout May for COVID-19 Graduates

Michelle Montoya , Staff Writer

The Coronavirus has been haunting not only our nation, but the whole world for a little over a year now. People across the United States are rapidly losing hope that life as we know it will ever return back to normal. Some fear that our “new normal” will have to be a constant enforcement of social distancing and mask wearing. But, with a massive rollout of vaccines available to everyone throughout the United States, some are becoming more optimistic. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), all people of the age 12 and older are available to get any COVID-19 vaccination whether that be Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson. With some teens being able to receive the vaccine, it gives students hope to return to normal schooling.

Alyssa Smith, a senior at Cam High, said in response to the COVID-19 updates, “Although I wish we were able to go back to normal, it is important to me for everyone to remain safe during these troubling times. I just hope that, as seniors, we are able to have a somewhat normal graduation.”

The Coronavirus does not seem to be stopping any activities from occurring at Cam High. Although some details are still vague, the school does plan on holding a “traditional” graduation for the senior class. Students will be present on the field during the ceremony, and each student will be given a maximum of four tickets for guests. 

Isabella Zavala, a senior at Cam High, said she is “so excited to have a sense of normalcy this year with graduation!”

New information for seniors also includes the announcement of Universal Studios’ “Grad Bash.” This event is not held by Cam High, but it allows for the seniors to have a sense of normalcy this school year. The students get to choose between several days to attend Universal Studios with their friends or family, and they will be able to enjoy the many amenities and roller coasters Universal has to offer. Those who purchase tickets will also have the luxury of remaining at the park an hour after general admission closes. 

As everyday passes, the world seems to be returning more and more back to normal. Cam High seems to remain optimistic for their faculty, students, and parents as the 2020-2021 school year comes to an end.