Indoor Cinema is Coming Back to Ventura County


Mark Minkel

Photo of Edwards Cinema in Camarillo

Regarding COVID-19 movie theaters were temporarily closed for the health of patrons and employees. Though, just recently One of the most popular movie theaters in Camarillo reopened with extra safety precautions, Roxy Stadium 11. ¨Santa Rosa Cinemas¨ stated, ¨While we have always been dedicated to providing a safe and friendly environment for our guests and employees, additional steps are being taken to comply with guidelines outlined by state and county offices. You will notice a few changes when next you visit our cinemas.¨ Although Roxy movie theater has changed its rules and how they operate, you can still visit and enjoy movies.

Santa Rosa Cinemas is a fairly large business and administration that currently operates close to a dozen movie theaters all located in Northern California. This business has been operating since 1926, Dan Tocchini Sr. was one of the first people to construct a movie theater in Santa Rosa.

We know Roxy movie theater is now open, but what about the other movie theaters in Camarillo? Another popular movie theater located in Camarillo is Regal Edwards Camarillo Palace & IMAX, or commonly known as Edwards Movie Theater. On Edwards website, ¨Regal Cinemas¨ they stated, ¨Select theatres have reopened, and additional theatres will be opening in the weeks that follow.¨ This tells us that in the weeks that follow, two of the most popular and high rated theaters will be open to the public in Camarillo.

Movie theaters were really fun places because we could go out with friends and family and see funny, scary, action movies, but due to COVID-19 that was taken from us. Carter Wenschlag, freshman at Cam High, said, ¨I feel happy that movie theaters are finally opening because I am a big fan of movies.¨ Now that COVID-19 is dying down because more people are getting vaccinated, movie theaters were able to open up again, and that makes a lot of people happy since we can go to the movies and have good times again.