Ramadan Is Here!


Courtesy of Shahbano Raza

In June of 2019, Cam High seniors, Aqsa Shah (left) and Shahbano Raza (right), celebrated Eid-al-Fitr together. Eid-al-Fitr is a religious holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the sacred month of fasting observed by Muslims around the world.

Ramadan Mubarak or Blessed Ramadan! Starting on April 12 and going until May 12th, Muslims all around the world are participating in a month of prayer, fasting, and reflection. This month-long period is known as Ramadan.

What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. The main purpose of Ramadan is to promote spiritual growth, but the month also commemorates that it was during this sacred month that Allah (the Arabic term for “God”) gave the first chapters of the Qur’an (Islam’s holy book) to the Prophet Mohammed. Muslims fast during Ramadan to practice self-discipline, empathy, and sacrifice, and this allows them to fully devote themselves to their faith.

“Every year, Ramadan has a very strong impact on me for a bunch of different reasons” said Aqsa Shah, a senior at Cam High. Shah said that this year, it taught her “self-discipline, motivation, and time-management.” She explained that her first day in-person at Cam High during Ramadan was not challenging because she was “so happy due to what I believe is the ‘spirit of Ramadan.”

When staff offered her food, Shah gave it to her friends and saw the positive impact that small gesture gave. Shah said, “A key part of Ramadan is giving in charity, and although this little moment wasn’t necessarily charity, it made me feel so good looking at my friends faces when I gave them food when they needed it.”

As over a week has passed since the beginning of Ramadan, more people have shared their thoughts and experiences about the celebration. Ms. Castro, a teacher at Cam High, said, “To me, Ramadan is similar to fasting during lent. Showing that you are making sacrifices to show your devotion and beliefs to your religion.” Alongside making this connection and comparison, Castro was able to see the importance of Ramadan because of the experiences of some of her friends. “I had several colleagues in my student teacher cohort who were Muslim and participated in Ramadan with their families,” said Castro, adding that “they knew the purpose of Ramadan for them was to reflect and show their devotion to their religion.”

As this month continues, take some time to learn more about Ramadan! Reach out to friends who are celebrating it. Ramadan is a sacred time for many people, so in this month of reflection and generosity, remember to support and uplift your friends.