Generation Z: Morally Attentive, or Too Sensitive?


People, mostly in America, have gotten very sensitive throughout the years, and seem to get offended by many things–even going as far as to ruin people’s lives due to them doing something they did not even know could be offensive.

Teenagers belonging to Generation-Z have grown to possess very sensitive tendencies. There has been a very big change in how kids grow up, resulting in them believing they are naturally entitled. For example, these kids get participation awards when they did not do anything to deserve them, most commonly in sports and extracurriculars. They even end up getting away with saying they are right–even though they are wrong–and having no respect for others. They yell and scream at their parents, and if their parents say anything back, it is common for the child to have a whole temper tantrum. We have seen this first hand when someone tries to combat their ideas with facts, and they just try to ignore it, and leave the conversation without thinking about the other side.

Rillian Block, a freshmen at Cam High, said that, “kids these days can not handle things the way they used to be able to. They get hurt very easily compared to the olden days.”

Generation-Z has had the biggest social media presence, which caused them to have their own unique perspective on many things due to their large exposure to new information. Dallas Meissner, freshmen at Cam High, said, “This generation is morally attentive since they have had the biggest influence from the media. They are always seeing things from social media, and that educates them more than how the previous generations had been educated. Social Media has played a very big part in this because without it, kids would just believe whatever their parents said.”

Although there seem to be very many sensitive people, there is also a balance of people who attempt to understand a situation instead of walking away; they try to understand the other side of the story. Clarenz Panesa, a freshmen at Cam High, said, “The people in this new generation always look for somebody to cancel.” Clarenz referred to what was recently coined as ‘cancel culture:’ the idea that if a certain person(often a social media influencer) does something that someone does not like, everyone else tries to ruin their life, career, and reputation by making trying to make them seem like a completely bad person. 

Therefore, Generation Z is the most sensitive generation out of all the previous generations. They even gone as far as to have cancelled a syrup brand, as well as forced a sports team to make them change their name. This said syrup brand, Aunt Jemima, had a logo was that was too stereotypical and they wanted it removed and changed.  They also changed the name of the Washington football team who were previously known as the Redskins to “The Washington Football Team.” These are very traditional and loved things that are all of a sudden becoming offensive with most of the people fighting against them not even the ones who are being supposedly offended by this.

If there is a brand that is being intentionally offensive, then that is a different case than changing the names of or hating people who have no idea that they were even doing anything wrong. This is very bad because there have been some cases where these people trying to hunt down and ‘cancel’ people got ahold of the incorrect information, and have completely ruined people’s careers, even though they are not the ones who did what the other people thought they did.

They have suddenly changed many traditional brands, or people, that have been loved for many years; this makes you wonder: what or who could be next?