Camarillo’s Annual Holiday Traditions: Staying Festive During COVID-19


Garrett & Emma Nagode

Snow men are chillin out.

Over the years, the city of Camarillo has collected numerous holiday traditions and celebrations, bringing the people of Camarillo into the holiday spirit and festivities.

A Camarillo favorite, and prime holiday tradition, is the annual Gemini Street light display. For over thirty years, Camarillo residents have been able to enjoy these festive lights. From around the end of November to the end of December, homeowners in the neighborhood display lights, cutouts, and fun decorations for public viewing. Lights are not the only special factor of this event–in the neighborhood, many families pass out hot cocoa and candy canes to visitors. There is even a donation box for canned goods in order to help provide for the homeless during the holiday season.  This special event is a favorite of many, and will continue on throughout the future years to come.

Another classic tradition is the Annual Christmas Parade. This year will be the 58th consecutive year for the parade. Dozens of community organizations, public officials, churches, sports groups, schools, etc; all join together in a walking/driving parade across town. The parade features special floats, as well as the appearance of Santa Claus. Due to the massive turnout, you will typically find empty chairs that line the streets the night before in order to save spots. Families gather across Las Posas Road to watch parade participants walk the streets. This year, the parade was, held on December 12th from 8a.m. to 6p.m., with a few altercations to meet COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

Shane Speth, a freshman at Cam High said, “Honestly, I love both events. Both are classics. I would have to say over the years I enjoyed the Christmas parade the most.”

Another student, Claritza Romero, freshman at Cam High, said, “Gemini street is so cool. Some friends and I go there every single year and always have so much fun looking at all the house decorations.”

Sara Abdelmalek, freshman at Cam High, said, “Yeah, it is pretty fun to go around and see how creative people are and how cute the streets are.” As for the parade, she said, “It really gets you in the Christmas mood. You go around in the streets and you see the decorated houses.”

Addison Mcelmurry, also a freshman at Cam High, said, “I think the parade is my favorite because of all the floats every year.”

Many memories have been made through these traditions, and will be carried on throughout the years to come. Although things might be looking different this year due to COVID-19, these events will continue to spread some holiday fun.