How to Salvage 2020: Safe Social Distanced Activities

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Do you remember how everything started? The beginnings of COVID-19, of course! I remember it was March 16th, and every Cam High Student received the news that we had two weeks off due to the newest virus we all know as COVID-19. Everyone celebrated–everything from throwing parties to sleeping in past noon–but what no one anticipated was that none of these students would go back to their classroom following these two weeks–they would be forced to adapt to a new online learning environment. The reactions were endless: everyone was happy that we had no school for two weeks. Old me would have taken that deal any day, but over time, COVID-19 cases grew and grew. Everything was forced to close down: from movie theaters, to small restaurants, to even small stores–all of Camarillo was on lockdown. Then, we all asked ourselves: ‘What can we do during lockdown?’ Well, we cannot go shopping, so forget the outlets. No school means fewer friends, and honestly, there is no way our parents would let us go outside and be another case on the books. So what do you do?  Most of us have already figured it out, but if you have run out of ideas or simply do not know what to do with your spare time, let me help you out with some fun activities to do living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Hikes-  Since COVID-19, no one can be safe enough. Going to gyms and many public exercise centers come along with the risk of exposure, so a hike is a great activity to do to go out and get a little exercise. Not only that, but since you are outside, you can pick a spot to be surrounded by wildlife and all type of different animals or plants you will most likely never see at home. Beautiful hikes near Camarillo include Paradise Falls Trailhead, Guadalasca Trailhead, and Sycamore Canyon Falls–all of them have a great view and will guarantee you more than an amazing experience.
  2. Beach-  If you live in Camarillo and you do not love the beach, you are in the wrong city! Less than 25 minutes away you have the beautiful Hueneme Beach: You can grab your swim trunks, a couple of friends, snacks, and then have the time of your life. Bring a volleyball and boogie board, or get a little wet in the ocean with your friends! If you are not too keen on the idea of exercise or getting in the water, simply just prop open a chair and look at the beautiful view. At the beach, you have endless activities to do–it is all up to you what you choose! Just take a quick outdoor trip to your favorite spot and have a blast! Some beaches you can go out to visit are less than an hour away but will guarantee you an amazing experience! Some of these beaches being Point Mugu, Oxnard State Beach, Sycamore Cove Beach, La Jolla Beach, Silver Strand State Beach, and my personal favorite El Matador Beach 
  3. Drive-in Movie Theater-  Be honest with me, who does not love to watch movies? Nowadays, we do not have movie theaters due to the closure of them because of COVID-19. Consequently, we went old school and brought back drive-in theaters. These are way more unique due to the rarity of them and much safer because of the ability to social distance. Pick any movie you want, prop open your trunk, and eat away at all the snacks you brought. It is in the comfort of your own car, and comes with the luxury of being COVID-free! A close drive-in theater being the one located in Ventura visit the Ventura Country Fairgrounds where this WEEK they have hosted one movie, and will host one more. The first movie is Knives Out, which aired this Wednesday at 6:30 PM, and the second movie is The Wizard of Oz, airing Thursday at 6:30 PM! Now to get in just bring 29 Dollars and a car PACKED with friends and make sure to enjoy your time!
  4. Picnics- In the years where entertainment did not depend on technology, people used to have picnics for fun–what happened to that? Now with COVID-19 and the burden of being stuck at home all day, no one really wants to do the same routine every single day. So, go for a picnic! Bring some friends and a couple of sandwiches, or go big and make a big meal for all your friends, or maybe even that special someone. Pick a park! We have Pitts Ranch Park, Adolfo Park, Charter Oak, and Valle Lindo right next door, but if you want to go a little farther I definitely recommend Arroyo Verde Park as an excellent option! But say you want to go hiking just find a cool and shady spot where there is a patch of grass that would make it perfect for a small lunch!
  5. Go on a Date-  Speaking of that special someone, take them out on a date! Now with COVID-19, you will not be seeing so many people often–maybe not even your special someone–so makes it unique the next time you see them. Take them out on a picnic, to a Drive-in theater, or on a hike! Remember, we are all teenagers–we have one shot at our youth. Let’s not miss out on something we could have had!
  6. Driving- Since many students at Cam High are able to drive, go out to a canyon run or on a drive by the beach. Put on some relaxing music, and let the wind hit your face. Stick your hands out and feel the wind–make your own movie-worthy moments! Taking some friends too and driving side by side is another viable option to abide by social distancing rules. If that does not sound fun, simply just bring a friend with you, and have a conversation you will remember when you are adults. If you do not know how to drive, spend some time working on it with a trusted guardian, and learn safely! Then, you can say that you learned how to drive near the beach!
  7. Take a Trip- Speaking of driving, go on a road trip! Grab some friends and go to the Redwoods or visit a new city. Go to Solvang or the Golden State Bridge! If you want to stick a little closer to home, go to Los Angeles and Hollywood! We live in Southern California–a place people travel miles upon miles to come to visit! There are endless things to do and endless places to go!
  8. Video Games- With Video Games, you have an endless spectrum–from making your own town to defeating monsters, to being the hero who saves the world–you can encounter a new experience every single day. With the newest consoles coming out like the Xbox X/S and PS5 you will have a better viewing experience with an even wider spectrum of games. You can literally do anything without even leaving your house! Bring a friend, and conquer a world–or a universe–the choice is up to you!

Now that you have some new activities to do, go out and conquer your world! You are the author of your own story, do not let COVID-19 define your life. But remember, conquer your world safely, and always keep your mask on and stay six feet apart.