How COVID-19 Created A Rapidly Changing World


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COVID-19 has affected day to day life for students and business owners.

Since COVID-19 began to spread, communities across America have been affected in a variety of ways.

COVID-19 is putting a strain on small businesses and owners are having to find alternate ways to reach consumers. For example, some clothing stores advertised on social media and websites to promote and sell their products. Others have found themselves unemployed or in difficult positions.

Camarillo Real Estate agent Christy Rueckert said, “Being a real estate agent right now is good and bad. There are good and bad aspects to this time. The good is that people still want to buy, the bad is that they want it quicker with shorter deadlines, which stresses my company and me out. Though, since clients are coming to me left and right, my business is not struggling like others.”

Larger stores that were deemed essential, such as Costco, Walmart, and Sams Club have all created systems for a safe environment for shoppers: Lines are kept outside limiting the amount of people inside; signs have been placed around windows to show the rules and regulations that shoppers must obey; marks have also been placed on the ground to measure out six feet for guests.

Schools have also had to transition to online learning in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Grace Rodriguez, a student at Cam High, said, “Distance learning is so new, and I thought it was going to be harder than it actually was. To be honest, it was kind of fun, being on my own schedule in a way. But I just want to go back to school still, and I would still choose to be at school over this if I had a choice.”

Many students are missing the social aspect of school. High school seniors did not have the chance to attend the traditional senior activities and had to forego a traditional graduation ceremony. Instead, Cam High seniors took pictures one-by-one in the gym in a graduation that took place over the span of two days. They will receive their diploma in a drive-thru pickup to limit contact between students and teachers.

Senior Frank Mika said, “Senior year was not all sunshine and rainbows, but I thought it ended pretty well. I liked the small and short graduation with my family. It made things more personal and special in a way. Getting my own pictures after as well and walking through Cam High’s halls one last time with my shoutout poster was pretty cool. I missed the little things like prom and just being at school with my friends and girlfriend, but I mean, I am glad I made the friendships and relationships that I did while I was there.”