Scorpion’s Showcase Revamped for 2020


Donny Robbins

Cam High’s Open House gathered parents and guardians in the quad for a new, more immersive version of Open House.

Donny Robbins, Staff Writer

Cam High experimented with a new type of Open House format this year: parents no longer had to move from classroom to classroom since all teachers presented from different tables in the quad.

Teachers were divided into groups by department, and each department worked together to showcase the work students do in their classroom. For example, the English department used a Quizizz — an online quiz that individuals can connect to via phone — to test whether parents knew the curriculum of a typical ninth-grader. The science department had parents play a Kahoot and used online charts to explain students work. Mr. Chris Quinn, Cam High Government teacher, said, “I’m definitely sold on the new format part of the Open House since I’m getting to spend a little bit more time with students and parents where previously it felt rushed.” 

Mr. Brendan Garrett, Cam High social science teacher also likes the new format. He said, “[Open House] now gives parents the opportunity to see who comes with their kids all day gives a chance to put a face to a name and see what kind of extracurriculars are going on. I like the new interactions with the colleagues that we don’t get to do as often.”

Mr. James Harlow, Cam High Associate Principal, agreed. “This new format has created a casual atmosphere of meet-and-greet where teachers and parents can connect,” he said.

Some clubs and programs also had tables at the showcase, including the cybersecurity program, Robotics, AVID, and Academic Decathlon. These clubs were at Open House to advertise for new members and generate enthusiasm. Joshua Lau, sophomore and Academic Decathlon Team Captain said, “We are trying to recruit people because it is hard to pull students from low GPAs so open house gives us a chance to get our club out there.”

On the quad stage, student performances were hosted, and included the following: English 4AP students gave a poetry reading, students sang, and the band program played music. The Class of 2021 also held a silent auction outside of the cafeteria as a class fundraiser. A Kona Ice and a ramen food truck provided food and refreshments for the event.

Harlow said, “You have a picture on how you would like things to be and then you have the reality. I’m not unhappy with it, and people seem to be enjoying it. I would love to see more people in attendance. Hopefully, in the future, it will be even bigger.