An Update From the Stinger Editorial Team

Marcella Barneclo , Editor in Chief

Greetings from the Stinger Staff,

This is Marcella Barneclo speaking. As this year’s Editor in Chief of The Stinger, I would like to briefly inform all of our readers on some of the changes we will be making due to the recent circumstances. As many of you know, Cam High has recently transitioned to a digital learning system due to the coronavirus and its presence in the United States. As of now, OUHSD has announced its plans to resume school on May 4, but the date could also be extended. As a result of this, The Stinger is now having to be run remotely, and given the unique circumstances, we have decided to slightly alter our publication style. Of course, we will still be delivering news to all of you to the best of our abilities. However, we are also beginning a new series titled “COVID-19 Stay at Home Thoughts” that will include personal stories and anecdotes from our staff writers during these trying times. Please contact us with any comments, concerns, or requests. I hope all of you are well and safe during this time.

Best Wishes,

Stinger Staff