Sadie Hawkins Dance Cancelled Due to Low Tickets Sales


Ella Menin

Cam High’s Sadie Hawkins Dance, which was originally set for Jan. 7, 2020, was cancelled due to low ticket sales.

The Sadie’s dance was scheduled to happen on Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. but due to extremely low ticket sales, the Sadie Hawkins western-themed dance was canceled.

The idea of having a Sadie Hawkins dance has been popular ever since the first Sadie’s dance in 1938. Students at Cam High have previously expressed interest in a dance where the girl asks out the guy, and it has been discussed at House of Representatives meetings.

According to Ms. Tammy Boyle, the ASB accounts clerk, “There were only 41 pre-sale tickets sold for the Sadie Hawkins dance.” Therefore, the number of pre-sale tickets bought did not meet the required number of pre-sale tickets needed to keep the dance scheduled.

Ms. Lori Pristera, the ASB student advisor, said, “The incentive to buy pre-sale tickets was created [$20.00 at the door] so we could see if people were really interested. The bare minimum for a dance is over $3,000.00. ASB had to make sure we would at least break even.”

ASB organizes these dances to provide fun nights out for the students, as well as to make a profit. If ASB followed through with hosting the dance, it would be difficult for ASB to manage profit build-up and host other future events.

Emma Kohlbeck, sophomore, and a member of ASB said, “I was extremely excited for the Sadie’s and thought it was going to be a ton of fun.” She was also disappointed to learn about its eventual cancellation.

ASB is planning another dance for the future. Pristera said, “We will have a spring dance [this school year] as we always do– [so] stay tuned for the details.”