Searching For a Good Book? Look No Further


Ella Menin

“Carry On” by Rainbow Rowell.

*Spoilers ahead*

(As a note: this is my favorite book, and I have read it at least 14 different occasions. I have annotated the book and recommend it to anyone I possibly can.)

Carry On, written by Rainbow Rowell, is a story about a boy named Simon Snow, who is supposedly the worst “chosen one” to ever be chosen. Simon may be the most powerful mage in the world of mages, but he cannot control his powers.

The story opens with Simon traveling to a “special school for dire offenders” named Watford School Of Magicks. At this point, we are introduced to Penelope Bunce, Simon’s best friend and fellow wizard, and Basilton “Baz” Grim Pitch, Simon’s Gothic roommate who is also a vampire. Personally, Baz is my favorite character even though he is pretty much trying to kill Simon (but, plot twist, he’s in love with him.) One of the primary reasons I enjoy this book is the fun people and beautiful descriptions.

Simon’s destiny is to kill the Humdrum, the creature who has been sucking the magic from the world; however, Simon doesn’t know how to control his magic, which is where the problem arises.

The story continues on with crazy fights as the three protagonists battle various monsters, including Numpties (ugly trolls), goblins, and vampires. During Simon’s adventures, there are some smaller side plots. For example, after an encounter with the ghost of Baz’s mother, Simon sets out to find her killer. Baz accompanies him but loses all hope after struggling to discover who killed her, which brings us to the most important chapter: Chapter 62, where Simon pulls Baz out of his suicidal frenzy with a kiss. I was rooting for this moment and nearly screeched from excitement when it came.

The big battle finally arrives when it is revealed that the Humdrum is Simon because every time Simon uses his powers he takes it from the world. His father figure, the mage, “bred” him to be an all-powerful being. This news hits Simon like a truck, and he has to kill the only family he’s ever had, which is a heartbreaking moment. In the end, Simon uses the last of his magic to kill the mage before collapsing onto the floor into Baz’s arms. Goals.

At the end of the story, we get a happy ending where Baz and Simon make their relationship public. Since Simon lost his magic he can no longer attend the school, but it was their senior year anyway.

I believe this book is worth reading, all 517 pages. It has everything you could want; action, drama, comedy, love, and friendship. There are so many twists, turns, highs and lows that make you fall in love with these characters and keep you wanting more.