Golfing for Gold: Tiffany Pak Finishes 74th in SoCal Regional Championships



Cam High senior Tiffany Pak, a two-time Coastal Canyon League champion, just earned 74th place in the Southern California Golf Association’s Regional Championship.

Tiffany Pak, senior at Cam High, finished 74th in the Southern California Golf Association’s Regional Championship.

In her high school career, Pak earned the title of Coastal Canyon League champion for two years; participated in the Stars All-County team for three years; and, in 2018, Pak tied for second place in the CIF Southern Sections individual Championships.

Pak has been the Most Valued Player (M.V.P) on the girls golf team for three years. 

Pak incorporates various activities into her lifestyle to maintain her golf skills, such as nutritious eating habits, proper hydration, and taking care of her mental health. “It’s mostly me motivating myself to keep getting better, golf is not really something you can do for this long without motivating yourself.”

Despite the competitiveness of the sport, Pak tries her best to enjoy each competition and not place too much pressure on herself since that can lead to a lot of stress.“I think anything can be stressful if you make it that way and so I always try to enjoy the game,” Pak said. 

Golf is more than a competition for Pak. She explained that her involvement in the sport has influenced her social interactions as she is constantly meeting new people as she plays. She also acknowledged the importance of etiquette with her fellow players. “You [want to] be a pleasant playing partner, so I’ve learned what to do and what not to do even in short conversations during tournaments,” she said.

Pak was initially disappointed with her 74th place in Southern California Regional Golf Championships. However, she said, “Part of the game is dealing with what you have at the moment and that day just happened to be a bit more of a struggle. Although I was disappointed, I know that bad rounds are always a good lesson and a test to see if I can finish out the round well.” 

Along with coming to terms with the results, Pak commented on the ongoing need to be consistent. “Being consistent in golf is one of the most difficult things to achieve,” she said. Golf is a sport where the player’s abilities can be affected by the weather or change with each day depending on the course. 

At the end of the day, her results were another learning opportunity. Pak said, “I learned more about myself and what I need to work on.”