Cam High to Use Measure A Funds to Heighten Security


Matthew La Belle

Architectural digital design of the remodeling of ACHS office lobby.

Cam High is expecting new renovations in the front office that includes new security features and systems, and will be funded by Measure A, during the 2019 Winter Break. 

These renovations will affect the circulation of people coming in and out of the office. For example, the buzz-in feature will limit the people entering into the office, and a valid ID must be presented upon entrance. Other safety features will include bulletproof windows and another buzz in system to go from the lobby to either the principals’ office or cubicles connected to the student window.

“Measure A was established to help protect students and make the school feel more secure,” said receptionist, Ms. Patricia Vasquez.

There will also be the implementation of a new security protocol called the Raptor system. This is an ID verification system to prevent sex offenders and unsafe visitors from entering school grounds. With the Raptor system, Cam High students can also anticipate a new alert system that will notify teachers of an intruder and how to proceed. 

In addition to the newly added features to the lobby, the office will be redesigned to feel more modern. Ms. Linda Westbrook, site administrator and secretary, said, “The construction will take a long time but I can’t wait to see the upcoming changes that will occur.” 

Principal Matthew La Belle said, “I’m saddened that we are at a stage where we have to do things like this, but I absolutely feel it will increase security here ten-fold and I think at the end of the day I want to make sure that everyone has a safe environment where they can learn.”

The construction on the front office will take place from Dec. through Jan. These renovations will cause a temporary location change for processes such as signing-in. To keep up with upcoming plans and construction, students and parents can check Cam High’s website or Principal La Belle’s social media.