Securing the Future With Cam High’s New Safety Measurements


Ian Lattimer

Fences will be soon be installed at Cam High with the Measure A bond money.

The Measure A Bond, passed last year, gave the Oxnard Union High School District (OUHSD) money to add renovations to each school; subsequently, Cam High will be receiving new fences surrounding the school.

OUHSD’s decisions on Measure A budgets throughout the district include fencing and other modernizations at all OUHSD high schools. With a rise in gun violence in schools, OUHSD is looking for new ways to prevent the events that occurred at schools like Saugus and Parkland High School.

Mackenzie Begg, Cam High junior, said, “I think it’s a good idea; it seems that they are trying to keep students safe, and they are finally doing something.”

The installation of the new fences are said to begin in a couple of months and construction may last up to six months.

When the fences are installed, the method of entering and exiting campus will be altered. All the entrances will be open before and after school; however, after the first class bell, the only way to enter the school will be through the main gate. There will also be two gates, an interior, and an exterior fence to maximize security around campus.

Mr. Matthew La Belle, Principal of Cam High said, “I’ve only ever been at schools with fencing. Even when I went to school there was fencing. If the two options were the look of the school and safety, I’d take safety every time.”

Although, some students disagree with the district’s decision to install more fences. Chanelle Shepherd, sophomore at Cam High, said, “I don’t agree with the decision to put up fencing. I think it’s not going to be beneficial for the school.”

As well as the perimeter and internal fencing, OUHSD is searching for other ways to increase safety through improved searches with metal detectors. The office will be receiving new security upgrades that include a new paging and bell system, as well as a Raptor security system. The Raptor system searches through government, law enforcement, and civilian records for any possible information on visitors as a way to protect students from any harm.

Furthermore, OUHSD is also focusing more on the mental health of students, choosing to implement more mental health centers in high schools throughout the district as a way to combat gun violence.