Building a Bright Future: Del Sol High School Joins OUHSD


WLC Architects

WLC Architects’ plan of construction for Del Sol High School’s Performing Arts Center and Main Entrance

The Oxnard Union School District plans to purchase a new school site by this summer to begin constructing another high school.

The new school is being built to accommodate a growing population. Mr. Tom McCoy, the district assistant superintendent, said, “Recently, there have been large enrollments at Pacifica, Channel Islands, and Oxnard High School.” Pacifica High School has a student body of roughly 3,200 kids, and Oxnard and Channel Islands are between roughly 2,700 and 2,800. McCoy said the “ideal size is between 2,200 and 2,400 students.”

“We have a need when we build a new comprehensive high school for about fifty acres of land,” McCoy said. The required size for a functioning high school with a gym, pool, and football field would be 50 acres. According to McCoy, the land intended for the new school is large enough to include features like a gym, theater, and pool.

The last 50 acre piece of land in Oxnard was identified by OUHSD five years ago. This piece of land is known as The Maulhardt Farm on Rose Avenue between Cesar Chavez Drive and Camino Del Sol.

The name of the new school was chosen by a community committee that included volunteers as well as an online survey and a town hall meeting. After picking through 376 write-in names the top three names it came down to were Del Sol, Heritage Grove, and Topa Mountain. There was also an online poll with almost 4,000 votes and Del Sol won that poll by having 47% of the votes.

This will be the seventh large comprehensive high school in the OUHSD district. The campus is supposed to be opening during 2022. The mascot and colors of the school will be selected by the eighth-grade students going to the school the next year. The principal of Del Sol will be named before the school opens for the 2022-2023 school year.