Tipping COWS – The State of Cam High’s Computers on Wheels


Garrett Nagode

Cam High’s COWS are used throughout campus for educational purposes.

Computers on Wheels or COWs are used throughout Cam High’s campus as a way to connect students to technology in a classroom setting.

Ms. Heidi Resnik, Teacher-Librarian, is in charge of the COWs, from scheduling to transporting the computers on wheels.

Resnik has had some minor problems with the Computers on Wheels, such as the destruction of screens and the removal of keys from the keyboard. Another issue is not having enough technology available for all the students at Cam High. Resnik has ordered five new computer carts, two of which have been added to AVID and other school programs while the other three are still in production.

A few departments around campus have received their own computers through curriculum changes. For example, Cam High’s Science Department received computers for a new District-wide curriculum as part of Measure A.

Cam High teachers must go through a process to obtain a COW cart to use in class. Teachers must request an allotted time, which is then compared to a master schedule by Resnik for availability.

Teachers can also earn their own set of computers through a system called Oxnard Union Express, which provides a way for teachers to receive their own classroom computers through a learning/lottery system. In the future, Cam High, as well as every other OUHSD school will become one-to-one, meaning every student has a laptop for use on-campus and at home. “I personally don’t like the idea of going to one-to-one. I fought for putting a chrome cart in each classroom,” said Resnik.

Mr. Matthew La Belle, Cam High Principal believes in the one-to-one policy. He said, “When you have your own laptop, you take pride and ownership in it, and you want to take care of it. And going one-to-one will be better for students to work at home for collaborative work, and we want to create an equitable situation for all. With one-to-one, students who need it will receive personal hot spots.”