Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Cam High


Graphic by Marymount University

The month of September is used to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Marcus Fontanilla, Staff Writer

Hispanic Heritage Month — which is a month dedicated to celebrating the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans in regards to culture, history, and heritage — began on Sept. 15 and ended on Oct. 15.

Cam High hosted various events to celebrate the occasion. On Oct. 14, and 15, the library hosted two guest speakers, Mr. Joe Mendoza and Mr. David Bautista, who both discussed their careers and their accomplishments.

Mr. Pascual Campos, Spanish teacher at Cam High, helped arrange Mendoza’s visit to Cam High for the world language department. Part of Hispanic Heritage month, we had a guest speaker on Monday speak in the library. The visit is also a show of support for the Hispanic community.”

Mendoza is from the Ventura County area, born and raised in Oxnard. He now serves as a Director of the Special Populations of the Educational Support Department and a member of the Ventura County Office of Education. He has worked in this position for 58 years, and Mendoza has persuaded and inspired thousands to join the field of education. During his speech, he touched on the cultural barrier and segregation with Hispanics and “Americans” now compared to his childhood when he lived in Oxnard.

Campos believes that there has been a lot of stress in recent years for the planning of Hispanic Heritage month, but this year, with the contribution of Ms. Lori Pristera and Ms. Anna Soberanis it has been a less stressful and a more enjoyable experience. Campos and Pristera are currently planning a pachanga for Hispanic Heritage Month to take place in November since it was rescheduled due to the unexpected half-day.

Hispanic Heritage Month has also been promoted, on Scorpion Connect Live everyday. The video announcements inserted a segment to highlight celebrities and historical figures of Hispanic heritage, discussing their accomplishments and contributions to the community.

Sean Carney, junior at Cam High, enjoyed the acknowledgment of the Hispanic community. “With the immense contributions to our school and the agriculture around us, the Hispanic community should be commemorated and celebrated,” he said.

Jessica Shiflett, junior, said “Accepting other communities and culture is a good thing to spread awareness of the very present community all around us, our school is recognizing and acknowledging the existence and importance of this month.”