The Class of 2020’s Funds for Fun


Photo provided by Krystal Jensen

The senior class cabinet has been holding fundraisers to raise money for their senior activities such as prom, grad night, etc. Pictured (from left to right): Audrey Knight, Jenny Kim, Hannah Terrones, Anjel Lazaro, Krystal Jensen.

The senior class of 2020 is hosting fundraisers throughout the year in order to raise money for all senior activities, including, but not limited to, prom and graduation.

Some fundraisers have already taken place, such as a silent auction, which the senior class cabinet says is the most effective. This fundraiser took place during Back to School night, Oct. 7 and raised $6,000. In addition to this year’s silent auction, another auction took place last year, during the 2018-2019 school year, and brought in $4,900. These funds were dedicated to the graduation ceremony of 2019-2020.

Another fundraiser that is coming up in Dec. is Camchella, where local artists and high school students perform at Rock City Studios in Camarillo. Students are required to submit auditions to ASB in order to perform at this event. A percentage of the funds will go towards graduation.

Ms. Heidi Resnik, the adviser of the senior class cabinet, said, “I am optimistic and completely confident that we will meet the goals to have a beautiful graduation. I’ve been working with this cabinet for two years and they have been working really hard; I don’t have the exact number but I know we are way ahead of where we need to be. We have lots of fundraisers left and I think we are in great shape.”

The talent show, which will take place in March, also helps generate some of the income. Throughout the year, restaurant fundraisers, at places such as Presto Pasta and Toppers, will bring in an estimated $1,000 (if not more).

When asked about other senior events, Krystal Jensen, senior and president of the class of 2020, said, “They’re in the midst of being planned so be on the look  out and come to as many as you can.”

Audrey Knight, secretary for the class of 2020 and senior, said, “Come to as many events as you can. The more support we receive from the class of 2020, the more we can do for them. It’s vital that the students show up to events. Class involvement is top priority and we want everyone to enjoy our planned events this year.”