BATA’s New Business: Here’s the T(ea)-Shirts


This year, Cam High’s BATA started their own business company that designs and sells merchandise to organizations.

The Business and Technology Academy (BATA) at Cam High, recently kick-started a student-run business that designs and creates t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other merchandise for clubs and organizations.

Mr. John Foster, BATA teacher at Cam High, believes the program is beneficial for his students because it gives them real-life experience that mirrors the processes of a business. “It is less book learning, and more real learning.” Foster said.

The business, according to Mr. Jeff Jackson, Multimedia teacher at Cam High, also teaches students more about work ethic and incentives, pushing them to learn responsibility and work together. Furthermore, all of the profit from the t-shirts goes back into the academy for funding.

“Productivity comes from people liking their jobs,” Jackson said. The advisers are focusing on a system revolving around student recognition and rewards. For example, being able to fund field trips for BATA.

Tanner Honnef, senior at Cam High, is the CEO of the business, and he facilitates the different components of the company, such as accounting, sales, finance, and marketing. His goal is to teach others time management and organization.

Honnef believes the project has helped him understand how to efficiently use technology in digital design as well as understand the necessities around building professional relationships. “I have definitely learned how to interact with people better,” Honnef said, “You have to try to learn how to build special relationships that can essentially get the business off the ground.”

The company is currently taking orders for merchandise designs (prices are listed below):

T-shirts with one-sided designs are priced at $12, while two-sided designs are $16. Crew necks are $22 one-sided and $25 two-sided. Hoodies/sweatshirts are $30 one-sided and $33 two-sided. However, for orders of 20 or more units, prices are adjusted. Hats are priced at $10, buttons are $2 each, and actual logo design costs $20.