New Instructional Video Prepares Teachers for School Shooters


Ian Lattimer

Cam High is increasing security on the campus in an effort to thwart potential threats, among concerns that school shootings are increasing.

Dillon Farwell, Staff Writer

At the start of the school year, Cam High’s Principal Mr. Matthew La Belle sent an instructional video to staff regarding what to do in the event of an active school shooter.

The video goes in depth of the procedures and precautions teachers need to take during a school shooting. Ms. Colleen Colborn, math teacher at Cam High, said, “It’s sad this video needs to exist but I did find it easy to follow. It’s better to be prepared for the worse case than to not have an idea of what to do.”

Ms. Lauri Markson, English teacher, said, “As a teacher since 1988, I never thought I would have to deal with this part of my career. I never thought  it would come to saving children’s lives. I am fairly confident in the run, hide, fight method. I will close my curtains, turn off the lights, keep everyone quiet and worst case scenario, I will fight.”

Teachers are trained and prepared to protect students in these types of situations. Deputy Mike Legge is also trained to fight and detain a shooter. Legge said, “I am that guy who is running towards while you’re running away. Be sure to remember run, hide, and if worst comes to worst, fight.”

La Belle does not want students to downplay the potential for a shooting. He said, “If you see something, say something. You can never be sure that it won’t happen here.”

La Belle’s plan for this year involves increased security in the front office by adding bulletproof glass to the front desk and doors to the hallway leading to his office as well as the counselor’s offices. La Belle also plans to introduce a buzz-in system throughout the office — which would require someone to be buzzed in by an office staff member in order to access most parts of the front office.

Another action to minimize risk is increasing security at all of the schools entries and exits. Each entrance is monitored by campus staff and access is restricted. Furthermore, all visitors must check-in at the front office and get a visitor’s pass to walk on campus.