Living in the Moment: Video Production Class Goes Live


Garrett Nagode

Cam High Connect has transitioned into the completely live Scorpion Connect, which streams daily during third period.

Garret Nagode, Staff Writer

Cam High’s Video Production Class has transitioned from prerecorded to live video announcements that will stream daily and fill third period’s homeroom time.

Video Production will now produce daily live video announcements instead of two weekly prerecorded Cam High Connects.

Mr. Michaeltore Smith, the teacher of the Video Production class, said, “One of our goals is to improve school culture and school climate. We are hoping the production of a professional newscast will help promote different organizations on campus, whether it’s journalism, band, sports organizations, languages, and all the different things on campus. We want to promote these things to the entire school and community.”

Over the summer, Cam High received a new studio for the class to work in. This extension, paid for by Measure A, consists of a two-camera studio, tripods, soundboards, cameras, a teleprompter, a green screen, and lights.

However, there is some debate among students in regards to if watching the announcements every day is worth the time.

Paige Ingram, junior, said, “I really don’t like what’s happened to Cam High Connect. I can see how the students might have wanted to modernize it as much as they could and a live broadcast was their best idea, but I honestly feel like there’s less effort put into it and everyone seems to be less enthusiastic about it. None of the kids I’ve talked to about it have given any positive response. Back when Cam High Connect played on Friday’s Homerooms, the content may not have been as short and but it was compact, humorous and shed some good light on the school itself.”

Malia Baker, senior and a second-year student of Video Production, believes that the new live streams are just as much work to produce as the old format. She said, “I think the live [streams] take more time and effort, but taking the time to figure out what we wanted to film last year took time too, so they are kind of even.”

The video announcements will continue for the remainder of the year on Monday through Friday.