Junior Girls take the Class of 2020’s Cabinet by Storm


Ian Lattimer

3 of the 5 girls in the 2020 class cabinet. Pictured: Krystal Jensen, Audrey Knight, and Ashlyn Valles. Not Pictured: Angel Lazaro, Jenny Kim.

This year, the class of 2020 had an all female class cabinet, which has not happened since 2000.

The junior class of 2020 focused on being open about new ideas and talking with the student body. The cabinet worked hard throughout the year to maintain a steady communication line with their class and the community surrounding them.

“When we did our auction, we contacted our class to see if anyone wanted to help pass out flyers or help out with the event itself, which is why it was successful, and I was glad we could get our class together for something like that,” said current class of 2020 President Krystal Jensen.

During the silent auction, the cabinet sold everything at the auction and earned around $5,000. On top of that, the cabinet regularly planed restaurant fundraisers throughout the year. “The job can get pretty stressful and sometimes we were here late at night for events, but it was really fun and we got to meet a lot of people,” said the class of 2020’s Treasurer Jenny Kim.

When asked about her favorite part of ASB, current class of 2020 cabinet Vice President Ashlyn Valles said, “I love being able to have the opportunity to make a change for the school and to be a part of [something positive].” Valles will be running for the position of ASB President next year.

Ms. Heidi Resnik, Cam High’s Librarian, worked with the class cabinet this year. “She teaches us life skills, and she has a little lecture and sends us off,” said Jensen. The group agreed that Resnik is organized and has consistent feedback for the cabinet when they are done completing an objective.

“I feel like you can’t have a well-run cabinet without having personal connections with one another,” said Kim.