A Vital P(art) of the Community


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Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

With the turn of the century, art has become fluidly integrated in the everyday lives of billions of people across the world, and some of us do not fully acknowledge the impact art has on our minds and society.

One of the most influential art fields today is music. Famous artists, musicians, singers, and rappers release songs to billions of fans around the world. Artists are free to release songs containing subliminal messages or their opinions on current events. These ideas are accessible to anyone on the Internet. Without the worldwide celebration of music, interchangeable pop culture would be crucially inhibited. The world would be bland and lacking in the diversity needed for a healthy society.

Furthermore, art has a healthy impact on an individual’s educational enrichment. If children are exposed to arts, music, and performing arts at an early age, 75% return consistently to artistic movements as adults. This lifelong association with art can also bring people together under a common passion and appreciation, allowing for communal socialization. Art nurtures a closely-bonded society and gives people something in common to talk about.

Arts also provide fields for individuals spatial recognition and linguistic abilities to improve. Several independent studies have shed light on the fact that students involved in artistic practices typically score higher than their peers. Performers and musicians score on average, 57 points higher on the verbal section of the SAT and 41 points higher on the math than students with no participation in art, proving that the arts keep our brains active and agile.

The positive effects of the arts on society are often overlooked; yet, they are prevalent in any region of the world. Think about it: regardless of financial status, race, language, or religion, we are all indulgent in some kind of artistic practice. In other words, art is part of the human spirit and has burned bright for as long as humans have walked the earth.