Senior Scorpion Spotlight #4: Zak Garcia


Zak Garcia will graduate with the class of 2019 this year.

Zak Garcia is a senior at Cam High who is involved in meaningful clubs and plans to join the military after graduation.

Garcia has already enlisted in the United States Navy, and he has a contract to work on nuclear reactors, board submarines, and aircraft carriers. He plans to do two years of military schooling where he will focus on the skills necessary for the military and the navy. Garcia’s military schooling and outside education will be covered entirely by the military as a part of the post 9/11 G.I. Bill. This is beneficial for Garcia since the average price for a four year private college is $34,740.

Despite having a contract, Garcia said if he met the physical requirements, he would join the prestigious Navy Seals.  However, gaining admission will be difficult because the Seals are highly competitive. After serving, Garcia wants to work at his father’s automotive repair business.

Going into high school, Garcia said, “Many adults have told me that high school years are the worst years of your life, and that life gets so much better after,” but he had a different experience. Garcia found that when he stepped outside of his comfort zone, becoming involved in events and talking to people, he learned the most. Garcia enjoyed classes where the teachers gave life advice, in particular Mr. Bill Tanner, chemistry teacher at Cam High.

Another teacher and coach that is known for his life advice is Mr. Sam Pineulas, distance running coach and math teacher at Cam High. Garcia has participated in cross country since freshman year with his fastest mile time being 4:40.

Garcia has been in Junior Statesman of America (JSA) since sophomore year and is now the president. JSA is a political activist and debate club that has weekly meetings and three major conferences. Garcia participated in many clubs during his freshman year, but he found JSA to be the most enjoyable. When he joined JSA, Garcia was able to discover what he was passionate about. 

As he looks back on his years in high school, Garcia said, “I think we shouldn’t tell the next generation to expect to hate high school, but tell them that if they do not love it, they are doing it wrong.”