Brunei Cruelly Legalizes Execution by Stoning


Brunei’s Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah, has outlawed sexual activity of homosexual nature.

Brunei, a small country in southeast Asia, is allowing gay sex and adultery to be punishable by death as of Wednesday, April 3.

The country’s sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah, who also doubles as the prime minister, announced these new set of laws as early as 2014; however, the law was officially implemented this year. According to the new penal code, the guilty party will be stoned to death and the act is to be witnessed by a group of Muslims. Foreigners can also be punished as well.

The country was the first in the region to adopt this policy that originated from the Islamic legal system Sharia law. About 65% of Brunei is Sunni Muslim, making Islam the national religion.

Despite the religion teaching that peace is an essential part of their teachings, the government of Brunei’s actions have contradicting motives. The Qur’an teaches that Muslims should, “Enter absolutely into peace (Islam). Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan. He is an outright enemy to you” (Holy Qur’an: 2, 208). They encourage peace and sincerity towards others and God. However, the government of Brunei does not foster these teachings by allowing the citizens to stone people to death when their beliefs do not align with their national religion.

In previous years, Brunei has banned alcohol as well as being homosexual and committing adultery. Since the law was put into effect, citizens have expressed their concerns and American celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Elton John, and George Clooney are boycotting hotels owned by Brunei.

These hotels include:

  • The Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles
  • Hotel Bel-Air, Los Angeles
  • The Dorchester, London, U.K.
  • 45 Park Lane, London, U.K.
  • Coworth Park, Ascot, U.K.
  • Le Meurice, Paris, France
  • Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris, France
  • Hotel Eden, Rome, Italy
  • Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan, Italy

Many of these hotels have suspended social media accounts and banned reviews on TripAdvisor that do not “comply” to their standards. They stated that these reviews were not first-hand experiences and are, therefore, inapplicable.

Why are people so opposed to acceptance of others and why is society excusing these cruel behaviors?

While laws influenced by the national religion may not be a bad thing, the fact that people can harm one another over a relationship and natural human behavior reflects the cruelty and violence that plagues humanity on a daily basis.

The basis of these laws, Shari’a law was originally created by people who interpreted the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammed and the Qur’an in their own way. Different interpretations of religion has caused a rise in prejudice because of society’s evolution.

Over the past few years, the debate over sexuality within religious groups has caused people to stray from the basic teachings of their religion. I feel that even though many religions state that it is wrong to be homosexual and act on it, we need to think about these situations with our morals rather than our religious perspective. For example, Christianity opposes homosexual acts; however, Christians are taught to love and accept.