Cam High’s Health Fair: Promoting a Happy, Healthy Lifestyle


Ian Lattimer

Cam High encourages students to become more active and eat healthier at the Health Fair on March 22, 2019.

This year, Cam High’s Health Fair featured a variety of displays and games aimed towards promoting healthy habits and other beneficial activities for students.

Various clubs and ASB helped organize the event, which was held during third period and lunch on March 22. It was hosted by Oxnard Union High School District’s Farm to School program to encourage teenagers to make smarter and healthier choices.

Naturally Green was one of the clubs to attend the event, showcasing the ‘Blender Bike,’ which functions using the power produced by someone peddling the bike. After taking a survey that collected data for the district, the participants had a chance to make a smoothie.

“We’re trying to encourage kids to be healthy with these smoothies, as well as peddling the bikes to make them,” said Kellen Barlsey, co-president of Naturally Green.

Other booths promoted awareness surrounding premature drinking, essential oils, organ donation, and stress-relieving tactics, such as stress balls and painting to reduce anxiety.

Ms. Anna Soberanis, Spanish teacher at Cam High, thought the health fair was an efficient way to encourage teenagers to come together to make good choices. “I think it is better done in groups because teenagers like to do things together with their peers, so the health fair gets everyone out in a group,” she said, “I’m hoping that people together with their friends want to do things that are healthy.”

Freshman Eliana Bornhauser thought the health fair was a good way to encourage healthy decisions, supplying students with realistic examples and well-set expectations. “I think the ways they advertised healthy living was simply realistic. They advertised little, easy ways to become healthier, ones that people are likely to use everyday,” said Bornhauser.