Violence is Never the Answer


Australian teen, Will Connolly, cracked an egg over the head of Australian Senator Fraser Anning.

Australian teen, Will Connolly, cracked an egg over the head of Australian Senator Fraser Anning during a news conference on March 16.

Immediately after, Anning retaliated by hitting Connolly in the face twice, and Conolly was tackled to the ground by security guards.

Connolly’s actions were provoked by Anning’s insensitive comments, including his claim that Muslim immigration is to blame for the New Zealand mosque shootings on March 15 where at least fifty people died. In a time of international mourning, Anning said that Muslims “may have been the victims today; usually they are the perpetrators,” according to The Washington Post. Connolly claimed that he “was just flat-out disgusted” by Anning’s comments.

Many were infuriated by Anning’s statement, and Connolly’s actions were praised in Australia and around the world.

In my opinion, Connolly’s actions are a reflection of the passion and strong opinions of the youth. Connolly spoke for all teenagers whose opinions have been disregarded and disrespected because of their age. He serves as an inspiration for children who are frustrated with current political circumstances as well as those who have hopeful goals for the future and a desire to initiate change.

Nevertheless, Connolly’s actions were extremely dangerous. The simple cracking of an egg may seem harmless, but Connolly gained international attention from his action. Others could be envious of his instant stardom and feel motivated to do something similar. Other unhappy citizens could be looking to his rebellious actions, believing that physically assaulting another is the most effective way to inspire real change. This mindset of Connolly and many others could lead to dangerous, even deadly future assaults on public officials.

Instead of throwing an egg, Connolly could have staged a peaceful protest during the news conference, or written a powerful, respectful letter to Senator Anning. But he resorted to violence, and he lost any real power he could have had in making a true difference for his country.

Standing up for what you believe in is important. However, resorting to physical assault is neither a sensible way to express opinions nor will it make any significant difference.