New Administration to Arrive at Cam High Next Year


Ian Lattimer

New administration will be placed in Cam High as early as at the start of the next school year.

Principal Dr. Kim Stephenson and Associate Principal Mr. Gary Peterson are leaving Cam High after the 2018-2019 school year.

The news was first released to teachers at a staff meeting on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019, and some of the students were informed by teachers the same morning. Both administrators accepted their current positions with the seniors in 2015. Stephenson had been an AP at Cam High for two years prior to becoming principal and Peterson was hired after working in a district in Northern California.

When asked about who would be taking over the role of acting principal, Stephenson said, “No one knows, but they won’t simply just be chosen. There’s a process and the community will have a voice.”

Peterson indicated that he has not been told where he will be next year and there is some speculation that he may, in fact, remain at Cam High.

Stephenson also clarified why the district decided to move them. “It does happen every once in a while, [the district] identified us as people with talents usable elsewhere,” she said. However, exactly where their talents will be utilized has not yet been clarified.

So far, no other administrative moves have been announced by district officials at Cam High.

“Dr. S. has always been supportive of any student-centered activity or project, especially with Naturally Green,” said Ms. Tawney Safran, social science teacher who has worked with Stephenson and Peterson since they were hired at Cam High. “[From] cafeteria murals, [to] farm to table work, school gardens and rain barrel projects, [Stephenson] has established a strong rapport with many current and former students, allowing them to have free range, as long as they kept her informed and followed the rules, and feel empowered,” said Safran.

“I’m sad to see them go, but I’m glad to see them move onto a new chapter in their lives with more opportunities,” said Jaime Wu, senior. Wu also said that “the best improvement [Stephenson] made for the school was free SAT and PSAT testing for all grades and reducing the cost of AP tests.”

“I’m sad to go. I like this campus [and] how involved kids are,” said Peterson, “I like how involved teachers are. There’s so many clubs and activities that people are a part of. I’m gonna miss that, it’s so good to see kids being involved in school other than classes.“

“I’m proud to have served as your principal, we’ve accomplished great things in all areas, and I’ll work until the end,” said Stephenson.