Shooting Threat Leads to Confusion at Cam High


A threat to shoot up American Canyon High School (ACHS) was posted on Instagram, confusing students at Cam High.

Calls and complaints from worried parents and students flooded Cam High’s administration earlier this week due to a shooting threat that was originally thought to be associated with Cam High; however, upon further investigation the threat was at another ACHS located in Northern California.

American Canyon High School is part of the Napa Valley Unified School District, located in northern California in American Canyon. American Canyon High School has a long history of threats made towards the school.

A 16-year-old American Canyon resident who attends the high school, made the threat and was later arrested. According to the American Canyon Police Department’s Facebook page, the student revealed that the threats were a hoax.

He has since been admitted into Napa County Juvenile Hall for criminal threats. American Canyon police officers searched the home of the minor and did not find any weapons, but they located evidence that linked the teenager to the shooting threats, which were posted on an Instagram account last Friday evening.

Cam High’s students grew concerned on Monday, Feb. 25 after confusing American Canyon High School for Cam High. Many parents contacted the office on the same day, asking about the potential threat. “Answering the questions and addressing the problem took hours of work in the office,” said Assistant Principal, Mr. Gary Peterson.

“I was at work when I heard about the threat from my co-workers and I thought it was real because of the amount of school shootings that happened last year,” said senior, Gabriela Guevara.

Families of Cam High received a call from the school Monday evening to inform families that the problem was addressed. A notice was also sent out to families via ParentVue.