Cam High’s First Renaissance Rally and Ceremony


Ian Lattimer

Students were acknowledged for multiple academic achievements at Cam High’s Renaissance Rally on February 12, 2019.

Cam High recently hosted its very first Renaissance event, designed to recognize students and staff for their improvement and achievements.

The event took place on Feb. 8, during fifth and sixth period. Fifth period was a public rally designed to honor high-achieving students; classes that wanted to go could attend the event. Sixth period was the private awards ceremony, where only students that were invited by ASB could attend. The rally started during fifth period with the introduction done by Ms. Lori Pristera, ASB adviser and English teacher.

The event took approximately 80 hours to prepare. “We first had a meeting to determine what categories we were going to honor, as well as what the theme was. We decided, Ms. Pulido, myself, Dr. Stephenson, and part of the ASB cabinet decided that it should be improvement and achievement.”

After determining who will receive the different types of awards, the ASB Cabinet had to script everything since there is a limited amount of time. The ASB Cabinet members also created the games that were seen at the optional rally, which included a scavenger hunt, a Jenga tower building competition, and a guess the song game, where four students from each grade competed against each other in figuring out what songs were being played by the DJ.

Cam High’s cheer team performed and jazz band played A Little Blues Please and When I Fall In Love under the lead of Mr. Cameron Guerrero, Cam High’s jazz director. Furthermore, students watched Cam High’s drama class perform Supper Time from the musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. This the very first time that drama has performed at a rally.

During sixth period, students that were invited to the private ceremony were escorted to the cafeteria, where they were presented with awards for having improved attendance records, a 0.5 GPA improvement from the quarter to the semester, being ranked in the top twenty on a 5.0 scale, or improving in the student wellness program.

Principal Dr. Kim Stephenson and Assistant Principal Ms. Adriana Pulido presented the awards for improved GPA and being in the top twenty, while Ms. Ariana Pike, attendance clerk, presented the improved attendance awards. Ms. Detra Young, wellness center specialist and behavior intervention specialist, will host a private ceremony for students that won the award for most improved student wellness.

Pristera said, “We really enjoyed doing it. Renaissance is about school culture, and it’s time that we really kicked it up and we want to make sure that everybody understands that everything they do, anything from improvement… we’re going to find them, and we’re going to make sure they feel worthy of the hard work that they do.”

Cameron Stivers, junior, said, “I thought it was nice that the school took the time to honor the students that worked hard academically. The games and the rally overall were pretty entertaining. The preparation was good, and the people setting it up took their time. I thought it was a good way to entertain the audience.”

The second semester Renaissance rally will be held on May 24.