Taste and Tell #11: Waypoint Cafe


Shannon d'Huart

A Strawberry milkshake, Oreo milkshake, and Creamy Coffee milkshake served at Waypoint Cafe.

Among Camarillo’s many fine eateries and restaurants, Waypoint Cafe is a hidden gem. Located at the Camarillo Airport, the restaurant is always crowded and bustling with energy from its opening hours at 7 A.M. until the afternoon. Everyday, Waypoint Cafe welcome masses of eager customers ranging from Camarillo residents to out-of-town travelers.

The Experience

We arrived at Waypoint Cafe on Saturday, Jan. 12. at around 12:30 P.M.  Unfortunately, our group of three had to wait for a protracted amount of time, 45 minutes to an hour. Due to the cafe’s short business hours, we understood that the wait time would be lengthy, but the wait was nonetheless longer than we would have liked. However, once we ordered, the food was brought to the table in around 10 minutes.

The Food

Cassie: I ordered the “French Dip,” which consisted of thinly sliced beef and cheese on a baguette with au jus and shoestring fries on the side. The baguette had an enjoyable texture and the meat was tender. The french dip was delicious but it was very filling. The shoestring fries were not as crispy as I would have liked but they had great seasoning. There was a fresh pickle on the side that provided a refreshing acidity and sourness. For my drink, I chose their Creamy Coffee milkshake, which was absolutely divine. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and it had a generous amount of whipped cream. The texture was smooth and the milkshake was light.

Francis: From the lunch menu, I ordered the “Classic Burger”: two ground beef chuck patties, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a brioche bun. The burger came with three different sides: fries, coleslaw, and potato salad. I decided to replace the sides with onion rings for an additional $1.75. When the food first arrived, the portions looked smaller than I expected, but the burger was surprisingly difficult to finish. The bottom of the burger was soggy, which was a let down considering that the burger cost over $10. My favorite part of the meal had to be the onion rings. Presented in a basket and served with a side of ranch, the rings were crisp and golden. For my drink, I decided to try their strawberry milkshake, which was delicious and light, but I did find myself having trouble drinking it due to small chunks of strawberry inside.

Shannon: I also ordered the “Classic Burger,” which came with their popular, seasoned french fries as well as half of a pickle. The burger was very filling; but, as Francis mentioned, the bottom bun was disappointingly soggy due to the sauce and juice from the patties. Despite this flaw, the burger was still very delicious. On the other hand, the fries were outstanding. There was a very nice seasoning on them and the texture was enjoyable. In addition to the burger and fries, I ordered the Oreo milkshake. It was presented beautifully with its glass dipped in chocolate and served with a great amount of whipped cream. The milkshake itself was absolutely perfect.


Shannon: Overall, I think Waypoint Cafe is a great place with a wonderful atmosphere, but the price and the wait were not necessarily worth it. Our bill ended up being $76.44 altogether, including all three meals, three milkshakes, and about a 10% tip. With both the 45 minute wait and the overpriced bill, I would say that our main courses was not exactly up to par with the price. Though, if you have time and money to spare, then you should definitely try it out. There were plenty of items on the menu for both breakfast and lunch including waffles, omelettes, French toast, salads, burgers, sandwiches, etc. I do not recommend going in very big groups unless you plan on spending at least $150 or your group plans on splitting the bill. All that aside, Waypoint has a very nice outdoor area, friendly staff, and a great atmosphere.

Francis: Waypoint Cafe is definitely one of those places that you could go to for amazing food and an overall great experience. During my visit, the only problems I came across consisted of the long wait and somewhat overpriced food. For the burger, I do not believe that it was worth the price, mainly due to the sogginess. The atmosphere was uplifting, with jazz playing in the background and content, friendly faces all around. The service and staff at Waypoint was definitely better than most restaurants or cafes I have been to.

Cassie: Dining at Waypoint Cafe was a wonderful experience. The friendliness of the staff and the upbeat music in the background added to the lively atmosphere. The food was amazing and I really enjoyed the milkshakes. The only downside was the long wait and the pricey menu. The wait was bearable because I came with a group and we chatted the time away. I would not recommend Waypoint Cafe if you cannot wait at least half an hour to be seated. The main issue for me is the pricing. Although the quality of food is high, a $15 sandwich and a $7.50 milkshake was a bit excessive for me. I would recommend splitting meals because the food is very hearty and filling; I could barely finish half of my meal. Overall, it was great and I really enjoyed my time there.