Cam High Storage Shed Burns Down, Destroying Athletic Equipment


Photo Provided by: Mary Perez

The burnt shed is located by the visitor’s bleachers in Cam High’s stadium.

A storage shed that held athletic equipment burned down at Cam High’s football field over the Winter Break.

On Dec. 26, 2018 at 11:00 P.M., Cam High’s Assistant Principal, Mr. Gary Peterson, received a call from the Ventura County firefighter captain who explained that a storage shed on campus had caught fire.

The storage shed is located by the bleachers on the visitor side of the football field. According to Peterson, the lost football equipment will be replaced in time. The storage shed held a JUGS football passing machine (valued at $3,000), a full bench press set, and weights for the team’s sled.

When asked how this event might have happened Peterson said, “It might have been an accident or on purpose we don’t know yet.”

Upon interviewing, Cam High’s Athletic Director, Ms. Mary Perez, said she was disappointed that the equipment was lost. The storage shed has been in use for seven years and was purchased through a split payment between Cam High’s physical education department and the athletic department. “People don’t understand that, while unimportant to them, [the equipment] has value to others,” said Perez.

Currently, the Ventura County Fire Department’s Chief has no knowledge of how the fire started. The chief mentioned that teenagers often become bored over the break and there is a possibility that the fire could have been started by students.

Cam High’s Principal, Dr. Kim Stephenson, was on vacation in Peru when the shed burned down, but she said, “It is fortunate that it was in a small area… if it had happened during the Santa Ana winds it might have gotten bad.”

The fire was able to be quickly contained and cleaned by the Ventura County Fire Department and district construction workers. Stephenson is hoping to be able to claim insurance on the shed to make sure that everything can be replaced.