Changes are Coming to Cam High’s Yearbook


Ian Lattimer

Cam High’s yearbook students at work in D-1.

Edward Wang, Staff Writer

This year, Cam High’s yearbook class will be developing a more refined and updated version of the yearbook under a new adviser, Ms. Roberta Castro.

Castro, and the yearbook staff have many new ideas they plan to implement in this edition. Castro said, “One thing is that I want every single student to get photographed in their picture. Two, I want to incorporate every subject matter academically, every single sport, and also get all of the clubs that exist on the campus featured in some way in the book.”

One of the main emphases of this year’s yearbook is the design aspect so the book will become more structured.

“We really want to have a nice cohesive design, nice graphics, where it’s like a solid design throughout the entire book so that when you turn the pages of the book, you can tell that it actually came from the same yearbook… we want a unified theme, we want graphics that are consistent all the way through, we want to make it very visually pleasing,” said Castro.

She also said she does not want any pages wasted. “Sometimes in the previous books, there was a lot of white spaces that was half a page empty or a whole page was empty, and in yearbook, that costs a lot of money, like each page is like several hundred dollars to print… we want to maximize the spaces as much as possible.”

Payton Albanese, senior and Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook, said, “This year, we actually worked with a professional graphic designer, so it looks a lot more clean and professional. Last year, it was done by students; this year, we paid for someone, so it’s going to look a lot better. We’re already tying in design aspects of the cover into the actual book.”

The yearbook will also contain a social media aspect that portrays the student body by using pictures from students’ Instagram pages. Students who are interested in having their photos included may directly message @adolfocamarillohsyearbook, or Cam High’s yearbook team, via Instagram.

Thomas Betancourt, junior and member of the Yearbook staff, said, “I feel like this is going to be better because we did add some stuff that all the other yearbooks didn’t. We are adding more to it than what we had previously.”

In the future, Castro hopes to collaborate with other departments, like photography, at Cam High.