Cam High Celebrates Red Ribbon Week


One of the posters hung around school that encourages students to be drug-free. Photo by: Jonah Arellano

In order to raise awareness about the destructive nature of drugs, Cam High celebrated Red Ribbon Week — an annual nationwide holiday from Oct. 22 to Oct. 26.

A guest speaker came to Cam High on Oct. 22 to speak at an optional assembly during fourth period in the gym. Rabbi Aryeh Lang, director of Chabad Jewish Center of Camarillo, recommended Rabbi Taub as a guest speaker. Rabbi Taub, author and addiction recovery specialist, spoke to students about addiction and warned students against taking drugs.

Ms. Lori Pristera, ASB director, said, “Hopefully with the guest speakers, we can help at least one person in their quest to live clean. Someone needs to be aware of the fact that there are things out there that will harm and kill you. Having a son who died from an accidental overdose, these things are really important to me.”

Cam High’s PTSA hosted a door decorating contest for classes to participate in to promote the theme of Red Ribbon Week: ‘Life is your journey, travel it drug free.’ Ms. Bryn Carey’s class won first place and was rewarded with breakfast burritos. Ms. Lauri Markson’s composition class received donuts for earning second place, and all other participating classes received Red Vine licorice.

ASB organized spirit week, which dedicated a dress-up day for each day of the week starting on Oct. 22 and ending on Oct. 26. The slogan for Monday was “travel drug-free,” and invited students to wear tourist attire. Tuesday was “sock it to drugs,” and students wore crazy socks to school. Students wore mustaches on Wednesday to participate in ASB’s “we mustache you to be a drug-free mustache day.” Participants wore all red to celebrate being drug free on Thursday, and on Friday students could wear pajamas to “wake up drug-free.”

“Spirit week is important to the promotion of being drug free by getting students involved with each other. Even the little things like choosing to wear a certain color or theme makes [teens] feel part of a group,” said Ariana Tuck, senior.

Rachel Sing, junior, said, “It is essential that Cam High takes part in celebrating Red Ribbon Week because it spreads awareness about the dangers of doing drugs and how it can impact or change a person’s life.”