iOn Technology


Natalie McIntyre

Athena Quddus, freshman, working on a class project using her iOS 7 device.

The release of Apple’s latest software, iOS7, has caused people to wonder whether the new upgrade in tech has been worth the long wait.

On September 18, Apple made their new software available for download on certain Apple products, hoping to catch some attention for their new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s cellular devices.

The update has given users a new design on their homescreen, lockscreen, and general applications. Bigger, more noticeable changes, like several new camera filters and iTunes Radio, have been added as well. Along with new camera settings, the new software includes other smaller improvements, such as a new keyboard layout and a more refined text message look.

Apple has also brought some interest by adding a feature called, “Control Center.” The Control Center is a new pop-up application that makes it easy for users to play music, turn off Wi-Fi, disable Bluetooth, lock their screen, bring up a timer, use a calculator, or switch to the camera.

Although the new software can be integrated into older phones like the iPhone 4, newer generation devices have slight improvements over their old counterparts. For example, the iPhone 5c’s filter camera settings and Panorama mode cannot be accessed on the iPhone 4.

Still, iOS7 has been given a mixed reaction from the community. “I still need to play around with the new OS a little more, I don’t know how to use it effectively yet,” said Mr. Brett Ropes, social science teacher. “I mean, I guess I was used to the old one because I knew where everything was and now I’m not sure where some things are at, right now.”

As a veteran Apple user, Ropes claimed the new upgrade has attributed to his phone’s gradual demise. “I do like the feature where you can use a flashlight — I do like that. But, I also think the new update slowed down my phone.”

Edgar Estrella, junior, said, “When I first heard about iOS7, I thought it was a waste of time because I heard it took quite some time to update.” Estrella later said the update’s new features and increase of visuality was, “worth it,” and that the variations in application look was, “just what I wanted, after a long update.”

Apple’s iOS7 is available for download on iPhone 4-iPhone5s, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad 2, iPad with Retina Display, and iPad mini devices.