Your Vote Counts


Social studies teachers at Cam High are encouraging seniors to register to vote in the upcoming elections. Photo Credit: Stock Photos

With a deadline of Oct. 22, Cam High’s Social Science teachers, Mr. Chris Quinn, Mr. Bryan Staples, and Mr. Shawn Near, worked together to register and pre-register seniors and juniors to vote.

Since the year 2000, these three social science teachers have been encouraging seniors to register and pre-register so they can vote in the Nov. elections. In doing so, the teachers hope students will learn more about the voting process and formulate their own personal political beliefs.

“Decisions are going to be made for you by people not only locally, but by people through your state and through the country. I think that people have a voice, those voices need to be heard, and that’s a way for you to convey your message, is through voting,” said Staples.

“I am passionate about voting because no matter how much you talk or think about something, no actual change will come about without direct action. As soon as I turn 18, I will have the power to make actual change, even if my vote might seem minuscule in the grand scheme of things,” said Sarah Foote, senior.

Students over 18 who want to register after the Oct 22. deadline can still conditionally register at their county elections office. Conditional registration means that the voter’s ballot will be processed by the country elections office once the voter registration verification is complete. Also, the voter cannot vote by mail or at the local polling location.

Any student who can definitively determine the number of seniors who have already registered to vote will receive a free lunch from Quinn. All students over the age of 18 are qualified to register to vote, and anyone over the age of 16 is able to pre-register to vote. Forms are available in H-4, D-2, and H-2.

Registration forms require individuals to state which political party they represent or they can decline to be a part of one. Some of the main parties include the Democratic, Republican, American Independent, Green, Peace and Freedom and Libertarian parties. Seniors and juniors have the option to take a survey that determines which party best matches their political views. Both pre-registering and registering requires a social security number and personal information.

“The goal is simple: I want students to be able to vote. I believe that voting is power, and I want them to have a voice,” said Quinn.