What’s Your Club Type?


Jasmine Plascencia

Students enjoying and discovering new clubs at Club Rush on September 21, 2018

Cam High hosted over 40 student run clubs on Friday, Sept. 21, in its annual Club Rush event at lunch in the quad. Club Rush is an event that allows clubs to present themselves and encourage new members to join.

Every year, a wide range of clubs participate in this event, from service clubs to entertainment clubs, like Esports club. Michael Grandi, junior, described his experience as “Fun, but really hot because I was in the turtle costume for KIWIN’S. It was really positive, everyone seemed happy. It was pretty fun being in the costume.”

Andrea Gutierrez, senior, said, “[Club Rush was] pretty awesome, I thought everyone was really energetic. A lot of people were wanting to get involved. I was too busy at my JSA club, but I was able to see some other clubs from a distance, and they seemed like they were doing really well.”

An additional club rush will be hosted on Jan. 11.