Have a Question? Visit the Principal’s Booth


Dr. Stephenson is seen giving advice to students in the quad. Photo provided by: Dr. Stephenson

Edward Wang , Staff Writer

This school year, principal Dr. Kim Stephenson is becoming more involved in student life by setting up a “Principal’s Booth” around campus at least once a week.

The booth, modeled after Lucy’s Psychiatry Booth from the Peanuts, was constructed by Mr. Peter Wachtel and his wood-shop class. In the original comics strip by Charles M. Schulz, the young characters often talk to Lucy about their problems and Lucy offers advice in exchange for five cents.

Stephenson has stayed true to the cartoon in the design of the booth, but the major differences are the booth’s name– altered in order to reflect her duties — and the information she provides is free of charge.

Stephenson’s main motivation behind this project was to do something that would allow her to connect and communicate more with students. “She can now be more approachable, she will look more like an insider instead of an outsider instead of an administrator, she’s actually out there. She wants to talk to kids,” said Wachtel.

Jessica Shiflett, sophomore, said “I think it’s a nice way to connect to her students. I don’t really know her, like I’ve never seen her. Some people walk around school not knowing who the principal is.”

Despite the fact that the sign pinned on the booth says “Advice is marginal at best,” Stephenson often provides general information about Cam High. Stephenson said that students can talk to her about anything, from questions about the campus to discussion about life in general.

Max Volkan, junior, said, “It’s a good way for the principal to learn about students’ problems. It will give the administration the ability to relate more with the students.”

Stephenson has received questions from students regarding a wide range of subjects, including requests to have her sign dance forms, questions about how to start a club, how to set up StudentVue, advice about colleges, and where to find an off-campus pass. “[The questions] can be about anything, really,” said Stephenson.

Some students appreciate the gesture and like Stephenson’s idea.

Erik Hagen, sophomore, said, “She is our head of the school, so I do feel like we should see more of her. This is a nice way of trying to introduce herself to the masses instead of only talking to a singular student.”

The principal’s booth will occur during lunch time least once a week in random places throughout the campus.