Scorps Spotlight 25: Mr. Cameron Guerrero


Mr. Guerrero playing the trumpet. Photo by Ian Lattimer

Cam High’s new co-band director, Mr. Cameron Guerrero, aims to promote his passion for music to his students.

Guerrero, was born and raised in Fresno, California. He received his degree in music education in Ellensburg, Washington. Guerrero had exposure to music growing up, which led to his passion for music. “My dad’s whole family sings, and my mom was in band when she was in high school, and she still plays the piano,” said Guerrero.

Guerrero joined his school’s band to play the trumpet at the age of ten, and he took a liking to the instrument. “I play the trumpet, that’s like my instrument, but if I could choose two other instruments to play, I wish I could play the euphonium well and the bassoon.”

Since high school, Guerrero envisioned music being a part of his life, but he did not expect to make a career out of it. “I wanted to have the ability to influence people through music and teach people through music and that’s when I decided that I wanted to teach,” said Guerrero.

Guerrero went on a spring tour to the Pacific Northwest, Oregon, Washington State, and Idaho, which was a turning point in his life. On tour, he received the opportunity to record an audition for a national festival. While he was recording, a trumpet professor recruited him, leading to his attending a college in Washington state and his decision to teach music.

After graduating, Guerrero went directly into the field of teaching.

“One of the pros of this profession is to mold people into the kind of people you want to see in the world, especially as a band teacher because I get to see most of my students for four years,” he said. Moreover, Guerrero said the benefits of teaching are “… being able to help students become active and contributing members of society.”

He has faced various obstacles as an educator. “As a music teacher it is a lot of hours, [but] it is helpful to be teaching with Mr. Cook,” said Guerrero. He later added, “[The] teacher pay thing is not great, luckily in Oxnard Union we are well compensated.”

Guerrero said students in Cam High’s band program have the right balance between serious and goofy. “A lot of band kids take everything really seriously… but they are really lighthearted… and never super up-tight.”

Overall, Guerrero has a passion for music and plans on staying at Cam High for the long term. “I think Cook has already fostered a successful atmosphere and I look forward to contributing to that culture in the coming years.”