Scorpions Showcase Homecoming Fashion


Photo provided by ACHS Band

Assistant Drum Majors Katelyn Raney and Kaylie Pritchard pose for a picture after the Homecoming Fashion Show.

Loud cheers filled the quad during lunch on Friday, Sept. 14 as the student body watched fellow classmates and friends sashay down the stage on a red carpet at Cam High’s annual Homecoming Fashion Show.

The show kicked off with couples being introduced individually as they walked down the red carpet and paused at the end to show off their clothing. Each couple wore corresponding gowns and suits that were provided by two shops located in Oxnard: David’s Bridal and Friar Tux.

Prior to the show, the participating students had the opportunity to pick out the formal wear that they would present at the fashion show. Alyson Lucas, senior and model in the show said, “The ladies at the store were super sweet and helped us find a dress that matched us. It was super fun.”

The purpose of the Homecoming Fashion Show was to showcase the variety of dresses and suits available at each shop, as well as provide a fun way for the school and ASB to demonstrate the dress code for the dance. “[the fashion show] is a preview to show what is acceptable and what would be a good thing to wear to Homecoming,” said Ms. Lori Pristera, advisor of ASB.

Senior Hannah Pedeferri was in charge of organizing and planning the Homecoming Fashion Show. The students that walked down the red carpet were selected by Pedeferri. ASB primarily focused on choosing a diverse group of students that represented each class or program, such as band and athletics.

“I just wanted to make sure that we had a representation of each grade level and I always make sure to include band because they’re so busy that sometimes they get underrepresented”, said Pristera, who spoke on Pedeferri’s behalf. “We had drum majors and we also had representatives from each class.”

Homecoming will be hosted on Sept. 29 at Cam High, and the theme this year is Masquerade.