Scorps lose to the Chargers, but not without a fight


Keira Witham

Cam High boys varsity basketball block an Agoura player during an extremely close non-league game.

The Cam High boys varsity basketball was defeated by the Agoura High Chargers 62-67 last Wednesday, Jan. 21, in perhaps the most evenly matched game of the season.

Cheering broke out from the crowds as the coaches from both sides paced up and down the court. Although this was a non-league game, and had no effect on league standings, the tension in the score’s close count could be felt as the beginning of the last quarter commenced. Within a minute, a barrage of three and two-pointers made by both teams brought the crowd to their feet.

The Scorps started off under pressure from the Chargers, with the first foul committed within the first two minutes of the opening quarter. Less than a minute later, Cam High scored their first basket.

Shortly after Cam High’s first two points, Justin Nguyen, sophomore, gained five more points, leaving the score 7-4. After a thirty-second time out, Agoura upped the score by six more points, while Cam secured nine. Still unable to even the score, the quarter ended 16-10 in Cam High’s favor.

After a brief performance by the Cam High cheerleaders, the second quarter began with a foul against the Chargers. By the middle of the quarter, Cam High had gained twelve more points, increasing their lead to a score of 28-25.

After a 3-pointer in favor of Agoura, the score finally evened out at 28-28. With a minute and twenty-two seconds left in the quarter, the Scorpions called a thirty second time-out. By the half-time whistle, Cam High had lost their lead, ending with a score of 30-32.

Half-time consisted of a dance performance by varsity cheer and a “dance-off” between a cheer coach and an audience member.

At the start of third quarter, the Chargers successfully made four more baskets.

Nearly five minutes into the new half, the Scorps pushed the score to 38-38 and struggled to maintain their tie. However, the Chargers kept their lead as the quarter ended, the score now 40-42.

“It’s my first year coaching for the boys and the girls for six years,” said Coach Michealtore Smith, “We’re still learning. The [players] are working hard and giving their all.”

Battling for the win, a consistent pattern of shots were made in the last quarter by both Cam High and Agoura. Less than three minutes into the fourth quarter, Cam High managed to take a short-lived lead with a score of 48-42, but ultimately lost to the Chargers as the buzzer rang with an end score of 67-62.

“We’re trying our best to be a great basketball team this season, and I think it’s working,” said Smith. “[The team is] working to continue improving and to position themselves in the playoffs.”