Infinity War: Movie Review

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The 15 covers of Entertainment Weekly, featuring the cast of the new marvel movie Infinity War, put together to create the Avengers logo in the background.

The new Marvel film, Infinity War, was released in theaters on April 27, 2018. Directed by the infamous Russo brothers, Anthony Russo and Joseph Russo, Infinity War has been considered the third most expensive film ever made with a budget of $318 million. From the opening weekend alone, the Marvel film succeeded in acquiring approximately $258 million and currently holds an all-time record global opening of $640.9 million.

In the last film most of the Avengers were last seen in, Captain America: Civil War, the world’s mightiest heroes became divided after their inability to resolve a conflict between them. The film concluded with the different characters venturing off on their own. Without Captain America’s leadership and guidance, the broken team is portrayed as vulnerable and bewildered in Infinity War. Leading their own lives, the separated heroes attempt to sustain their own sense of happiness but seem to struggle due to their sense of unease from the tension that rose between them during Civil War. 

Assembled together by Dr. Banner’s emergency call to Captain America due to the severity of the threat a powerful Titan named Thanos poses, the Avengers agree to work together once more as a team in order to protect the world and its people. Thanos, a treacherous villain that finally steps into the light after only being partially shown in post-credit scenes after a few Marvel films, aims to destroy half of the universe-mankind so that he can finally rest in peace. To do so, he requires the six Infinity stones that have been introduced several times in the preceding Marvel movies. Based on the trailer, many audience members assume that Vision, a synthetic humanoid created by Avenger’s past enemy, Ultron, will die at the hands of Thanos because of the Mind Stone that he possesses.

The vast amount of Marvel characters including the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and many more, also agree to help the Avengers fight against Thanos and his own team called the Black Order. Despite the number of characters that are a part of this immense franchise, significant characters such as: Antman, Hawkeye, Everett Ross(Black Panther), Nakia(Black Panther), and Valkyrie(Thor Ragnarok) have been absent from this film for unknown purposes.

Perhaps, the directors intended to create small holes in the storyline to make it more unpredictable through the multiple absences of characters. Since the film has been awaited for some time, maybe the Russo brothers wanted to execute a film where the storyline was gray in some scenes in order to make the audience members create their own predictions or theories about what they think will happen. Like other Marvel films, the lengthy two hour and 40 minute Infinity War builds momentum towards the climax of the film where it focuses on the ultimate showdown between the “good” and the “evil” who fight to protect their causes.

Determined to protect their loved ones as well as the numerous lives of the innocent, the heroes unite in order to regain their title as the worlds’ protectors. The Russo brothers employ stunning visuals and heart-pounding action scenes to depict the epic battle between those who wish to preserve world peace, and those who aim to control over population by eliminating half of the universe. To the audience members’ dismay, the film concludes with an inevitable cliffhanger with little room for interpretation about what Infinity War Part 2 will be about. However, the post-credit scene highly implicates that the Avengers will have their chance to redeem their victory once more.