Scorps Spotlight 25: Alonzo Francisco


Photo by Shaeley Hicks

Alonzo Francisco, senior at Cam High, placed first at the Mt. Sac Relays track meet on April 21st–competing in the triple jump event and nearly breaking the school record, despite sustaining a serious injury prior to the meet.

He took first place with a distance of 46 feet and 8.5 inches, which is approximately an inch away from Cam High’s school record. His high score led him to be approached by the United States Olympic Jumping Coach at the meet.

Francisco has been in track for all four years of high school and he joined the varsity team in his junior year. He also competed in the triple jump event during his junior year. At first, Francisco did not focus or train for the event as much as he currently does and his highest score was 39 feet, nearly 10 feet below what he scores now. “I did it a couple of times last year, but I didn’t take it seriously. I only did it two or three times for fun, but I really started trying this year and actually learning how to do everything and excelling at it,” said Francisco.

He has competed in several other track and field events, but found that he enjoyed competing in the high jump the most. “I love this sport because I love to run and I love to jump. I can jump far and high, so why not put that into the field and do high jump and triple jump,” said Francisco.

Throughout the track season, Francisco has been hindered by a muscle pull injury in his right leg, but he continues to try his best and overcome as he continuously sets a personal record at each track meet. “When I hurt myself, I knew I could do so much better, but just knowing that my body won’t let me because I’m only physically able to do so much is kind of heartbreaking,” said Francisco.

For the track team, the Mt. Sac Track Meet is one of the most important of the year. “It’s is one of the better meets in the nation and the main reason why is because of the college and professional athletes that perform there,” said Track Coach Dennis Riedmiller. High school athletes that attend have the opportunity to observe and learn from more experienced athletes, creating an important experience for younger athletes who have just begun to compete.

Francisco’s teammates look up to him and follow his example. Christy Chuidian, senior and member of the track team, competes in the four-by-one. Chuidian said, “[Francisco] influences a lot of the guys to do better, he’s a role model as a senior and he’s definitely a good leader.”

Francisco plans to continue training and working at the high jump and the triple jump at Moorpark College after he graduates. He advises younger classmen and others to be determined and persevere no matter what. “If you want to do something just work hard at it and you never know what you’re good at until you try, so give everything a shot,” said Francisco.

**Editor’s Note: With a triple jump of 46 feet 10.5 inches, Francisco broke the school record, previously held by Justin Warren with a jump of 46 feet 10 inches. This school record-breaking jump qualified Francisco for the CIF Division 1 Finals held at Cerritos College on May 20, 2018.