Tag, You’re It…

Provided by: google images
An example of vandalism.

Provided by: google images An example of vandalism.

When the sixth period bell dismissed students from school on Friday, April 6, Cam High students were confronted with graffiti in the north hallway on the J-building lockers and in the K-wing boys’ bathroom.

Cam High’s maintenance team removed most of the event’s evidence. However, some light blue streaks remain, a reminder of the illegal activity.

Dr. Kim Stephenson, Cam High’s principal, replied to the recent graffiti. “We take tagging very seriously, which is why you don’t see much of it on campus,” she said. The graffiti on April 6th was found and cleaned up by maintenance before the paint had dried.

“Quick removal, before it gets attention, is the best way to prevent more tagging,” said Stephenson. The Cam High community and staff wants to reinforce Camarillo’s actions on graffiti. “Our city is quick to act on tagging, as well, which reinforces the culture we are trying to establish at ACHS,” Stephenson said.

Paige Ingram, freshman, has a locker that was tagged by the graffiti artist. She was surprised and irritated when she found her blue locker one morning. “It wasn’t an issue because the locker still functions normally, but the fact that a person could disrespect someone’s property like that is frustrating,” she said.

There are currently no suspects being questioned for the tagging, according to Deputy Mike Legge, the Cam High Resource Officer. So far, there is no found purpose of the graffiti and it does not seem to be gang related.

However, if someone is found guilty, harsh consequences will follow. “They will get arrested,” said Legge.

Around the same time, the Stinger’s reporting has noted that campus security has been amplified during school hours, although this may be independent of the illegal activity. Campus supervisors have increased their activity around certain buildings and bathrooms.

The Cam High faculty encourages anyone who can provide tips to contact the office and Deputy Legge.