Flowers for Students and Staff


Mr John Avila’s fourth period horticulture class.

Kylaya Oun, Staff Writer

Cam High’s advanced floral design class is creating a floral shop on campus.

Mr. John Avila, floral design teacher, and his fourth period class received the 2017 Literacy for Life Grant from the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (CFAITC) to set up a floral shop in the agriculture department of Cam High.

The purpose of establishing the floral shop is to create a sustainable funding source for more projects and provide students with the opportunity to learn more than just how to make bouquets and flower arrangements. Through the shop, students will also learn about agriculture and the building blocks of business.

The floral shop will also provide students and staff members with an easy way purchase flowers to brighten each others’ days.

“We are here to be at service for students and staff,” said Avila. “I want to put smiles on peoples faces and know that a single flower can make someone’s day.”

Avila was inspired to create the shop by Mr. Peter Wachtel, wood shop teacher. Wachtel sells projects that his wood shop students make, and puts them on the Cam High web store.

Mr. Jeff Jackson and his web design students are setting up a personal website for the floral design class. They will create a website format that matches the design that Avila and his students sketched.

Students and staff can currently purchase flower arrangements at the Cam High Web Store , this is a temporary platform until the floral shop website is created.

Jackson likes seeing students collaborate for the project and put their skills into use. “I try to get students involved,” said Jackson.

There are currently two arrangements available for purchase. One costs $10 and the other costs $15. They can be delivered to any room during fourth period or picked up during lunch in room AG-2, Avila’s classroom.

So far Avila and his class have sold and made arrangements for the senior girls on the cross-country team to celebrate the last meet of their career with. They were used as gifts for the girls to take home.

“The arrangements were beautiful,” said Ms. Mary Perez, head of Cam High’s Athletic Department.

The floral shop looks forward to brightening many more days with future events.